Executive Elections

One of the main tasks delegates must perform is electing the party governance team that will lead us for the next two years. This includes our President, Treasurer, Vice-Presidents, Regional Representatives, Oversight Committee, and leadership of equity-deserving bodies. They are important, essential roles — even moreso as we prepare for next fall's provincial election.

Thank you in advance to everyone who puts their name forward for election this weekend. You make our movement stronger and better.

Submitted Candidate Materials

The following people submitted digital candidate materials by our deadline (Tuesday, November 14 at 5:00 PM Pacific).

Please click the [ PDF ] alongside their names to view information about them and their candidacy (opens in a new window). Candidates are listed alphabetically by first name.

Please refer to the agenda here or in your program guide for information on when elections take place this weekend. For the rules and procedures governing elections during Convention 2023, please click here.

  • Aaron Sumexheltza, candidate for President [ PDF ]
  • Aman Singh, candidate for VP (Caucus) [ PDF ]
  • Avneet Johal, candidate for VP [ PDF ]
  • Barb Nederpel, candidate for Member-at-Large [ PDF ]
  • Bev Bowden, candidate for PLWD Co-chair [ PDF ]
  • Carmela Allevato, candidate for Oversight Committee [ PDF ]
  • Christine LeClerc, candidate for SCOA chair [ PDF ]
  • Gary Porter, candidate for Treasurer [ PDF ]
  • Hermender Singh Kailley, candidate for Member-at-Large [ PDF ]
  • Jack Etkin, candidate for VP [ PDF ]
  • Jaime Matten, candidate for VP [ PDF ]
  • Karen Cooling, candidate for Treasurer [ PDF ]
  • Nicole Halbauer, candidate for Equity VP [ PDF ]
  • Scott Lunny, candidate for Member-at-Large (Labour) [ PDF ]
  • Sheryl Burns, candidate for PLWD Co-chair [ PDF ]
  • Stephanie Smith, candidate for Member-at-Large [ PDF ]
  • Stephen Crozier, candidate for Regional Representative [ PDF ]
  • Sussanne Skidmore, candidate for VP (Labour) [ PDF ]
  • Tania Jarzebiak, candidate for VP [ PDF ]
  • Tim Chu, candidate for VP [ PDF ]
  • Tina Lee, candidate for VP [ PDF ]